Love thy neighbour


The notion of neighbourhood in Central Asian countries always has been equivalent to the notion of brotherhood. However, over the past decade relationship of the Central Asian countries became tense and frustrating. The borders among the countries were difficult to cross for common people. During the Soviet time and in the 90s people in the region would freely visit each other. They would live in one country and travel to work or go shopping for another. They had relatives living across the borders, but after the 2000s things changed. States in the region started claiming their borders and putting military posts between crossing sections of the borders by making it really difficult for the citizens. Sometimes even the media of certain country wanted to portray the neighboring country as an evil. That is like brothers became strangers.


However, last year was productive for the region. Some of the reforms and changes happening in the region are giving hopes to common people. Several crossing sections became open for people to go through or available 24/7. These positive changes make people of the same ethnicity, who unfortunately became strangers in the past century, closer to each other. Recently, a new song called “Duston” (Friends) by two popular singers of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan Jonibek Murodov and Sardor Rahimxon came out in Tajiki language. This is more like a symbolic song showing the changes in the attitudes of the Central Asian states towards each other. Hopefully, the sense of brotherhood and neighborhood prevail in the region forever.

Sardor Rahimxon & Jonibek Murodov - Do'ston