Lazgi: symbol of Khorezm

Khorezm (Uzbek: Xorazm) is one of the twelve provinces of Uzbekistan. Situated alongside the Amu Darya (ancient Oxus River), in the past, it used to be the center of civilizations and prominent kingdoms in Central Asia. Nowadays, Khorezm is famous r its traditional clothes, songs, singers, and poets. However, the region is especially known for its unique dance style known as Lazgi.

Lazgi is one of the oldest colorful traditional dances in Central Asia, and it differs from other dances with its vivid and expressive technique. For the centuries it has been improved and perfected by the professional male and female dancers and provided aesthetic pleasure to people and rulers of the region.

Lazgi is a very joyful dance with vigorous movements of shoulders and arms. It usually starts with a slow pace and moves to a faster pace. Lazgi called the soul of the people of Khorezm because the rhythmic movements of the dance can express the feelings and emotions of the dancers.

For the government of Uzbekistan, the popularity of Lazgi within and outside of the country has become so important that is decided to include it into UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists. Last year, the President of Uzbekistan gave the relevant instructions to the Ministry of Culture about the inclusion; however, so far there is no update on its status.

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